Key Personnel

     Southern Warehousing & Distribution was founded in 1880 when two San Antonio businessmen partnered to create a small transportation company.  Henry Carter and Thomas Mullaly joined forces in order to provide transport service to the rapidly expanding San Antonio.  The company began as Carter-Mullaly Transfer Line, providing a handful of services such as livery, sales, feed stable, transfer and baggage, undertaker and funeral director.  Over the past 120 years this family owned company changed and grew with the demands of the market.  

     The demand for transportation and warehousing services in South Texas and Mexico drove the company to grow exponentially.  Soon the original downtown location was unable of handling the volume of business Southern was receiving.  After a series of moves and expansions the company purchased 16 acres near I-35 and I-10, major north-south and east-west freeways.

     Since this purchase in 1960 we have built a state-of-the art warehouse, and created our sister company SMS Logistics, Inc. to provide an expansive shipping service.

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